You might've gotten here via this guy: dildofaggins. I'm the nutjob Patton Oswalt fan that does the "Stuff Patton Mentions" bits, buying everything mentioned on his albums, from Stella D'Oro Breakfast treats to KFC Famous Bowls to Sky Cake. You can see the photo sets of the first three albums on the by yahoo!, and read the exciting (?) origin story of how this whole thing started. For the latest edition of "Stuff Patton Mentions", rush off and buy Patton's new dvd, which is a) very funny and b) has a video I made of all the objects I bought, sick drawings by my friend J. Scronce, and fabulous original music by my friend Jason Golliher. You can get said dvd at borders is closed. (By the by, I don't get any money for that, either from Patton (I'm just a fan) or from Amazon (I live in a backwards state that makes it impossible for Amazon to offer their Associates program here. Dammit.)

I've got some video-type stuff on the utoob under my own account. I also have a bunch of stuff under the account of the comedy theater I used to be with, dirtysouth. Most of my stuff is under the tag "dsi cagematch".

You can find me on the twittah where I jabber about stuff that pops into my head, and also do a little regular thing called #comicpanels, where I post panels from old comics and try and be vaguely witty. I've also started posting the #comicpanels stuff on tumblr, and will try to get the older Twitter posts up there as well so you can enjoy those (Shock Gibson gets a lot of attention in the earlier posts...)

I have a personal blog on tumblr as well, where I prattle on occasionally and reblog a bunch of stuff, as folks on that platform seem to do.

And I'm just now starting to learn how to draw.




email ted at tedhobgood dot com